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"In Memory of" Trees

Riverside Cemetery has been an established resting place for 120 years. We are known for our beautiful and unique trees, shrubs, and wildlife. Many of our existing shrubs and trees are long past their life span. We have begun to clean up the landscape.

We wish to maintain our reputation of peace and beauty. We would like to start planting new trees and shrubbery. We would like to offer our lot owners a chance to donate towards this program. To submit a donation, mail a check to:

Riverside Cemetery P.O. Box 1703, Fargo, ND 58107 or call 701.235.2671.

The memorial tree program provides a way to honor the memory of deceased family members and friends while enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of the Cemetery for the enjoyment of the living.

For a donation of any amount, we will use funds gathered to determine how many trees can be planted each year. The Cemetery staff will plant, stake, and water/ maintain trees. Trees will be placed in a general area throughout the Cemetery.

Below are photos of the trees we added in 2022. We received many donations towards this new program and we were able to plant 6 new trees. We have planted more than 25 trees since 2020. This keeps us busy watering throughout the summer! You can find all our new trees in the following sections:

E (North Park), Oakland-Ash, BCD, Section T, and Block 27. We thank all of our kind donors who made this possible.

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