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The land where the Cemetery is situated was first owned by the Northern Pacific Railroad. It was sold to James Holes in 1875. The land was again sold by James Holes, to a group of persons in 1878. The first proprietors of  Riverside Cemetery were founders and leading citizens of Fargo. Among them were attorneys, hotel managers, real estate dealers, bankers, farmers, and other businessmen. In May of 1879, Riverside Cemetery was surveyed and laid out for the purpose of a burying ground. A plat was made and recorded. Climena Lowell was the first recorded burial in 1878. Riverside became incorporated on May 20, 1903. The first Directors were: Morton Page, John William Smith, Louis Benjamin Hanna, William Joseph Lane, Robert Steele Lewis, Isaac P. Clapp, John D. Benton, Fred B. Morrill, Alex Stern, &  Annie Dwight Taylor.


Katie Paxton, Manager
Jutsin Irons, Grounds/Crematory Operator
Dave 2022

Katie Paxton

Justin Irons

David Schmidt



Katie grew up in Fargo and has been with Riverside Cemetery since 2014. She became North Dakota’s first woman to be a certified crematory operator in 2015. Katie lives in Fargo with her husband and 2 kids.

Grounds/Crematory Operator


Justin grew up in Moorhead, and lives in Horace with his wife and 2 kids. He has lots of experience and knowledge in landscaping and everything plant related.

Grounds/Crematory Operator

Dave lives in West Fargo with his wife and 2 kids. He has been in the funeral industry for the last 6 years. He worked for the vault company before joining Riverside.

Lydia Lind, Grounds/Crematory Operator/Media Coordinator

Lydia Lind

Grounds/Crematory Operator/

Media Coordinator

Lydia grew up in Moorhead, graduating in 2022 from MSUM where she majored in English and Animation. 

Board of Directors

Gregory Gibb, President

Donn Diederich, Vice President

John Shotwell Jr., Secretary

David Bertel, Treasurer

Richard P. Anderson, Director

Russel Freeman, Director

Jared Simonson, Director

Jane Grove, Director

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