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What is the cost of a lot?

Single lots (for 1 casket)  $750-2,400

Double lots (2 caskets) $1,800-4,800

* Prices vary on location

Veterans Section $720 for a single lot


What is the difference of an upright verses flat marker only section?

In an upright section you can have a monument or a flat marker. The advantage to upright sections is you can plant flowers, trees, & shrubs

In a flat only section, your marker must be flush with the ground. No planting of any kind is allowed.

How many cremated remains can be placed in one lot?

We allow up to 3 cremated remains urns to be buried on top of a casket or 4 cremated remains urns in a single plot without a casket. Cremation garden only allows 2 cremated remains urns in a lot. Veterans section only allows the spouse to be buried with the Veteran.

I'm thinking of purchasing a lot/niche/crypt. What do I do next?

Call Katie in the office to set up an appointment to look at availability in the mausoleum or grounds. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM-3 PM

What is the difference between a crypt and niche? 

In the Mausoleum, we have single or double crypts for caskets to be entombed in an above ground setting. 

$3,000-5,600 single crypts / $6,000-10,000 double crypts

We also have niches for cremated remains urns to be placed in a glass front niche. 

Glass niches are $3,200-7,300 (Niches vary in size but can usually hold at least 2 cremated remains urns depending on urn size selected).

* Prices vary on location and height level. 

I have a tree/ shrub that is overgrown. What can I do?

  • Riverside staff can remove it and haul away at a cost. We will remove the stump, fill in the area with dirt/ grass seed, and water it.

  • You can remove it but must dispose of it on your own (which means no dumping in our garbage cans or along the road. You would be responsible for filling with dirt/seed.

  • You can replace it with something else but should first check with the office on whats allowed and a proper placement on your lot.

Can we feed the wildlife?

We ask that you wouldn't. We understand it is fun to throw bread and corn out. We know wildlife is fun to look at but the human food isn't healthy for them to eat. Please no dumping of food on the grass/graves. This is a Cemetery, where people have loved ones resting and that needs to be respected.

Can I plant on my lot?

We do allow planting in any of our upright (monument) sections. If your lot is in a flat marker only section; only artificial flowers are allowed. You can always ask about donating towards the tree fund in memory of your loved one.

If you would like to know more about planting policies stop in the office for a brochure or click the PDF here 

What is perpetual care?

Perpetual care is a fund put together to help maintain cemetery grounds, graves, crypts, mausoleums, etc. Families of people buried in the cemetery grounds contribute towards these funds to ensure the place is clean, well-maintained, and secure. With these funds, the Riverside Cemetery makes sure the grass is mowed regularly, pathways and seats on the grounds are maintained well, and signage is visible. Riverside is not responsible for repairing broken headstones or grave markers, or cleaning and maintaining your loved one's grave site. That is your responsibility and not involved in the services provided by the perpetual care fund. However, Riverside will accept requests to tend to a grave site at an additional cost. 

I have an empty plot that I no longer need. How do I return it? 

You can call the cemetery office to inquire whether or not the cemetery will buy back your unused plot(s). If the cemetery cannot buy back your plot, you have the option to resell it yourself. To resell your plot, please contact the cemetery office for new deeds and to pay an administration fee. 

What is the cost of opening and closing fees?

Urn: $530-$845

Full Burial: $1125-$1440

Niche: $250-$375

Crypt: $315-$905

*Prices vary

Is a vault required for burials? 

Yes, for a casket burial, a vault is required. For an urn burial, we do not require a vault. 

How can I find my relative buried at Riverside? 

We have a map located at the cemetery entrance, or you can click on the PDF here: 


If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please call the main office and we will assist you. 

is a great resource to find the burial location of your loved ones.

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